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Autism: A Portrait of Mothers and Sons

October 6, 2010 180 comments

This post is by Kim Mimnaugh, the founder of Autism: A Portrait of Mothers and Sons.

I have an 11-year-old son with autism. After many years of thinking of a way to use my skills as a photographer to express my love for my son, I gathered the courage to photograph other mothers and their sons with autism. I put an ad in my regional (NE ARC) autism support newsletter, asking for mother and son volunteers. When I started photographing in May, I wasn’t sure what I would find or how the photos would take shape.

Four months into the portrait project, I am meeting the most amazing and inspiring women who cherish their kids. They rise to the task of caring for a special needs child everyday. I hope the portraits will change the way the viewer looks at a person with autism, and also see the strong relationship between a mother and son.

I plan on working on the portraits long term. I’m currently looking for moms and sons to photograph and venues (libraries, schools, office buildings, art galleries, etc.) to get the work out to the public. I live in the Boston area. Feel free to contact me through the blog.


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