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Safety Planning

November 8, 2011 13 comments

I am a grandmother of a child with autism and I worry when my grandson comes to visit he will wander from my home; how can I make sure this doesn’t happen.”

This is a frequently asked question by family members of individuals with autism. It’s critical for families to put a safety plan in place and increase awareness of the safety risks for the individual with autism.

We would like to hear from you about what steps you took that worked to insure the safety of your family member with autism. Please share your experiences so that others may benefit. For more information visit: Autism Safety Project at:

Additional Safety and Autism resources in November’s Community Connections include; Safety and Autism, with updates to the Autism Safety Project and feature Safety in the Home Workbook and Video, a resource developed for families by Ohio State University faculty and funded by a Family Serves Community Grants.  Please join us for two Facebook Live Chats scheduled, on Nov 15th at 4-5 pm EST Dennis Debbaudt, will present “How to Prepare for an Autism Emergency,”  and on Nov 20th at 2 pm EST George Braddock, from Creative Housing Solutions, will present his work Housing designs.

Hurricane Irene: How to Prepare

August 26, 2011 5 comments

Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the U.S. East Coast with exteme impacts expected through the weekend. Hurricane warnings and watches are posted as far north as New England. Autism Speaks wants to make sure that everyone can be as prepared as possible.

Here are some useful links that will help in storm preparation.

Here Shelley Hendrix shares how to navigate the uncertainties of a natural disaster as the mother of a child on the autism spectrum. She offers some special things to do for families having to evacuate.

The Autism Safety Project provides information for families and First Responders with information and guidelines for communicating with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in emergency situations.

AutismCares Provides Grants for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders During Times of Crisis or Unplanned Hardships

Please everyone be safe and follow all precautions.

Please know that you can always contact the Autism Response Team (ART) members are specially trained to connect families with information, resources and opportunities. Call us at 888-AUTISM 2 (288-4762) or email us at


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