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Puzzle of the Heart

November 3, 2011 6 comments

Puzzle of the Heart - Taylor Crowe

Taylor Crowe and his father David are on a 2,200 mile quest of the heart.

Taylor is an artist, and a good one. He’s not just talented, he is incredible. 2 years ago, he spoke eloquently at Autism Speaks “Tip off for a Cure” event, charming us with his stories, enthusiasm and creativity.

Today, Taylor and David visited our offices to present a truly remarkable creation – a painting of epic proportions (it barely fit into their mini-van) that comes with a brilliant explanation about the autism community.

“The hearts show the feelings that people with autism have that many people don’t realize that they have. They also show the feelings that parents, and mentors, and other people show for working with people with autism.”

In talking with Taylor after the presentation, we learned that he’s on his way to speak at a LoveU2Pieces conference – if you are in the St. Louis area, be sure to attend!

Watch as Taylor presented “Puzzle of the Heart” and talks about the meaning behind the art:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Light It Up Blue Haiku? Don’t Mind If You Do!

 Thursday April 1
For autism awareness
We light it up blue

1 in 110 kids
Will be diagnosed
It’s time to listen.

Help us shine a light
For people with autism
And light it up blue

 Find the missing piece
Autism is a puzzle
Raise awareness now

All of our health care
Must cover autism now
Take action to help

 Iowa Kansas
Passed insurance bills this week
Let’s add more states

 Insurance reform
For all those with autism
Now that is our goal

Light it up blue now
For autism insurance
Reform it today

(Post your Light It Up Blue haiku in the comment section below and we’ll pick our favorites to feature on the blog.)


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