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Are you finding that autism is increasing at the same/similar pace worldwide? I’ve read about pockets of increased autism in Silicon Valley, CA for example. Wondering if there’s data on a global rate of autism?

December 21, 2010 1 comment

“Got Questions?” is a new weekly feature on our blog to address the desire for scientific understanding in our community.  We received over 3000 responses when we asked what science questions were on your mind. We answered a few here and the Autism Speaks Science staff will address the other themes we received in this weekly post.

While we are seeing converging evidence in the research literature showing that autism prevalence is about 1% in developed countries such as the US and UK, there has yet to be published data on prevalence in low and middle income countries. Autism Speaks is actively trying to change that by funding epidemiologic research of autism prevalence in a number of low and middle income countries around the world including South Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India, and South Africa. Conducting studies in countries where socio-cultural, environmental, and genetic factors may differ from those in the US can allow researchers to compare prevalence rates and examine how those factors may contribute to autism risk.


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