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Everyday Autism Miracles

December 16, 2010 20 comments

This guest post is by Shannon Penrod, the host of Everyday Autism Miracles.

I host a radio show called Everyday Autism Miracles – every week we do a live one hour show about positive things happening in the world of Autism.  Tomorrow I want to do a show showcasing real stories of HOPE from familes all over the spectrum – stories about what they’re grateful for, what the miracles are that are happening in their homes.  Part of this amazing journey through autism is appreciating the things that may seem small to others but are huge to us.

So I would love for people to write in short comments to tell us what they are celebrating, was Beth able to say a two word sentence for the first time?  Did Billy make great eye contact today?  Did Philllip pass his driving test, when 32 doctors said he would never be able to speak, let alone drive?  Whatever it is in each home. There is no mirace too small!  And then I will read as many of them on the air as I can manage.

The show airs live tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm EST 1pm Central, Noon Mountain Time and 11am Pacific on Toginet Radio.  People can listen at and they can call in to the live show at 877.864.4869 during the  show if they want to comment on the air. A podcast of the show is available for free starting on Saturday on the showpage and on iTunes by simply searching Everyday Autism Miracles.

Thank you, I am so looking forward to hearing what people have to say and sharing it with the world.

Leave comments on the Official Blog and Facebook. They will be passed along to Shannon! Thanks!!



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