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It Pays To Have People in “Well Lit Places”

March 18, 2011 8 comments

This is a guest post from Barbara Goode, the St. Louis Walk Now for Autism Speaks Manager.

We really wanted to embrace the Light It Up Blue campaign in St. Louis.  The St. Louis Volunteer PR committee has really taken on this project and made it soar.

The first contact they made was nothing short of genius!  They contacted a lighting company; actually, it wasn’t just a lighting company, but THE Lighting Company in St. Louis, HOK Lighting.  HOK Lighting came on board and lent Autism Speaks their time, talent, and knowledge of the buildings and fountains that could easily and inexpensively change the color of their lighting.

And with the “flip of a switch” (okay, a few emails), we suddenly had 10 buildings confirmed… The Big Brothers Big Sisters Building, Chase Park Plaza, City Garden Fountains, Civil Courts Building, Government Hill Fountain, Lambert Airport Terminal, Lewis Rice and Fingersh, Lighting Associates, Missouri History Museum, Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum, with more confirming each day.  And thanks to one of our fabulous fundraisers, the St. Louis Autism Speaks Office will Light It Up Blue too!


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